Uncontested Divorce Agreement South Africa

Whether it`s helping to resolve disputes, developing divorce agreements or supporting the trial in court, our team is at your disposal. Contact Ashley Curran on (021) 671 9322 or ashley@curranattorneys.co.za for help. This process is for simple and undisputed cases. This implies that a couple is married only briefly or when there is no dispute. This type of divorce can be concluded in just four to six weeks. ”It can be risky. In particular, if you are not a legal expert, what you put in your divorce contract could be called into question if you enter a divorce court or, in the worst case, could, in the long run, disadvantage you. ”An undisputed divorce is a divorce in which a couple has reached an agreement on all matters, including the division of assets, debts, agreements relating to minor children and the payment of child support. Cape Town divorce lawyer in the southern and northern suburbs explain 3 types of divorce in South Africa and how they determine how long your divorce costs in an undisputed divorce, negotiated divorce, controversial divorce in South Africa. The three types of divorce in South Africa have an even deeper influence on: we are working with you to flatten and speed up the divorce process as much as possible, so that you can focus on building a better future. It`s called a successful divorce. There is no legal separation in South Africa, even if you no longer live with your husband and you are not divorced.

By law, you`re still married. Do-it-yourself divorces are concluded without the help of a lawyer, and are therefore a much cheaper option. Divorce without a lawyer can be obtained in two ways: controversial divorces occur when spouses fail to agree on the terms of their divorce. The most common discrepancies relate to maintenance, property sharing and child care. In some cases, one or both spouses refuse to settle for emotional reasons. Contact us now for divorce assistance in South Africa. In special circumstances, you can cancel your wedding. Annulment is distinguished from a divorce by the fact that it not only dissolves the marriage, but also erases it from protocol. You don`t need your spouse`s permission to get a divorce.

If your spouse is not willing to divorce, you can get a divorce without his consent.