A Citizen Of A Country Which Has A Visa Waiver Agreement With New Zealand

The visa requirement for New Zealand citizens indicates that there are currently about 120 countries for which it is necessary to obtain a visa for New Zealanders in order to enter the country. In addition, a New Zealand citizen who has already spent up to 3 months in other parts of the Schengen area can enter Hungary and remain visa-free for up to 90 days. After his stay in Hungary, if he has already spent three months in the Schengen area, he must leave the Schengen area of Hungary and go directly to a country outside the Schengen area. The government of a country may declare a diplomatic person ineligible and prohibit his entry into that country. In the case of non-diplomatic use, a country`s authorities may also declare a foreign person permanently or temporarily, usually due to illegal activities. [398] Austria allows New Zealand nationals to enter without a visa and applies for a temporary residence permit or ”red, white and red card” (issued to permanent immigrants) on arrival and not in advance through an Austrian embassy/consulate. [366] [367] Several countries that offer a visa for NZ citizens upon arrival also allow travellers to obtain an electronic visa via an online application before leaving New Zealand, as an alternative to waiting in line at the border upon arrival. In general, the national visa/long-term residence permit must be obtained in advance through the Embassy or Consulate of the Member State. However, some Schengen Member States offer exemptions to New Zealand citizens. You need a visa and you cannot use VWP if you apply one of these criteria: citizens: No, you do not need a visitor visa. Many countries have contracts that allow their citizens to enter New Zealand without first applying for a visit visa.

Citizens of these countries must continue to meet certain entry requirements and, upon arrival, complete a new Zealand passenger arrival card (available at all New Zealand airports). Once these steps are complete, they can be issued a visitor visa allowing them to stay in New Zealand for up to 3 months (6 months for UK citizens). The full list of countries with visa exemption in New Zealand is available below. As a result, New Zealand citizens can travel visa-free to each country for up to three months in the aforementioned Schengen Member States. However, when a New Zealand national travels to another Schengen state not listed above, the limitation does not apply to more than three months of a six-month period in the Schengen area as a whole. Therefore, if a New Zealand national has already spent three months in one or more of the aforementioned Schengen countries, any visit to another Schengen country without a bilateral visa waiver agreement with New Zealand can cause difficulties with local law enforcement (. B, for example, if he is accused of having stayed at the exit of a Schengen country that is not on the list above). A valid passport and the right visa are the key to an easy entry into New Zealand.