Ca Technologies End User License Agreement

You do not accept and will not allow others to concede, (a) rent, rent, assign, assign, distribute, host, outsource, disclose or commercially use the product software, or make the product software available to third parties, b) copy, rent, allocate the product software for purposes other than those authorized to , distribute, transfer, host, outsource, disclose or commercially use the product software or make product software available to third parties, (b) copy or use the product software for purposes other than those authorized by Section 1, c) to use part of the software produced on a device or computer other than the one you own or control. (d) remove or modify trademarks, logos, copyrights or other mentions of ownership, captions, symbols or labels in the product software, or (e) to break down, recompilate or re-create derivative works (except to the extent that current laws expressly prohibit such a restriction for interoperability purposes, in which case you agree to contact Nest Labs first and give Nest Labs the opportunity to do so , to develop these necessary changes for interoperability purposes. You may not disclose to third parties the results of a performance evaluation or operation of the product software without The prior written permission of Nest Labs for each of these publications. Subject to the terms of this CAU, Nest Labs grants you a limited and non-exclusive license (without the right to sublicensing) to run a copy (1) of the product software only in executable object code, only on the product you own or control and only for the use of the product for personal and non-commercial purposes. This CLUE and the license granted to it are effective on the date you first use the software or product and must be continued as long as you own the product, unless that CLE is completed in this section. Nest Labs can terminate this LAB at any time if you do not comply with these provisions. You can cancel this BCBE at Nest Labs with immediate effect. At the end of this CLUE, the license is complete and you must stop using the product software, but the conditions set out in sections 2 to 18 (including) remain in effect even after the termination. The titles of the sections of this Board are simple and cannot be used for the interpretation of this Board.

Product software and associated technology are subject to U.S. export control legislation and may be subject to export or import rules in other countries. You agree to strictly comply with all laws and regulations and acknowledge that you have the responsibility to obtain permission to export, re-export or import product software and associated technology, to the extent necessary. You will compensate Nest Labs for any claims, losses, debts, damages, fines, penalties, expenses and expenses (including legal fees) and compensate them for any claims, losses, debts, damages and expenses (including legal fees) that result from a violation by you of your obligations under this section. The email address cannot be subscribed. Please, do it again. YOU USE ALL THE PRODUCT INFORMATION (AS DEFINED BELOW), THE PRODUCT SOFTWARE AND THE PRODUCT AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION AND RISK. YOU WILL BE FOR (AND NEST LABS DISCLAIMS) ALL AND ALL LOSSES, LABILIS, OR DAMAGES, INCLUDING TO YOUR HVAC SYSTEM, PLUMBING, HOME, PRODUCT, OTHER PERIPHERALS CONNECTED TO THE PRODUCT, COMPUTER, MOBILE DEVICE, AND ALL OTHER ITEMS AND PETS IN YOUR HOME, RESULTING FROM YOUR USE OF THE PRODUCT INFORMATION, PRODUCT INFORMATION, OR PRODUCT. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy rules and terms of use apply.