Construction Agreement Template Uk

Our documents are prepared for both international and UK national use and do not contain all provisions that are compatible with the Construction Act or fully compatible. This information is intended to assist buyers of our contracts who wish to use the documents in the UK. The law is quite complex and these notes summarize the most important points and contain some illustrative formulations, but our notes are not complete and legal advice should be sought when drawing up a construction contract. One. The Contractor shall be responsible for the monitoring, management and execution of all work under this Agreement. § 108 of the Construction Act contains provisions which confer on each party to a construction contract the right to settle a dispute over the contract. The section states that a party may at any time communicate its intention to refer a dispute to the decision and that the schedule must be established in such a way as to ensure the appointment of the adjudicator and the referral of the dispute within 7 days of notification of the adjudicator`s decision within twenty-eight days of the referral. This period of 28 days may be extended by 14 days with the agreement of the present party or by another period by agreement between the parties. The adjudicator`s decision is binding (and must be enforced) until a dispute is finally settled by legal proceedings, arbitration or agreement. Some contracts stipulate that the adjudicator`s decision is final and binding if the adjudicator`s decision is not challenged within a specified period of time.