Master Confirmation Agreement Non Deliverable Forward

EMTA PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS REPLACED FOR FX OPTION AND UNDELIVERABLE CURRENCY TRANSACTIONSThe EMTA presentation requirements for FX borrowing and currency transactions unavailable for different currency pairs, replaced by new recommended conditions (see Recommended Templates section). The following information does not reflect current market practice for the documentation of unavailable currency futures and currency options, but is maintained for historical purposes on the EMTA website. They are listed by date of issue. This section of the EMTA website lists the different forms of standardised documents developed by EMTA in the field of currency derivatives. This area contains several subsections by document type or category. Just scroll down the page to the section you are looking for. DRAFT DOCUMENTATION BULLETIN BOARD MASTER CONFIRMATION AGREEMENTS AND PRACTICE NOTES STANDARD DEFINITIONS USER MANUALS AND INSTRUCTIONS MODIFICATIONS AND DOCUMENTATION PROTOCOLSOTHER DOCUMENTATIONBURDENED EMTA MODEL CONDITIONS FOR FX-FORWARD AND UNDELIVERABLE MONETARY TRANSACTIONSADISTED EMTA MODEL CONDITIONS FOR UNDELIVERABLE FX FUTURES MONETARY OPTIONS TRANSACTIONS RECOMMENDED STANDARD CONDITIONS FOR UNDELIVERABLE CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS THE DESIGN DOCUMENTATION BULLETIN BOARDN in due course, EMTA will publish documentation projects in this area for review and comment by its members. .