Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Marks License Agreement

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensor technologies, today announced that its Ip RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 platform is the first Wi-Fi IP in the world to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 status™ Wi-Fi Alliance®. CEVA offers a complete suite ranging from Wi-Fi 6 IP addresses ranging from 1×1 20 MHz for low-power IoT devices to Wi-Fi 6 MIMO 80/160 MHz and 6E for high-end products such as smartphones, smart TVs, access points and wireless infrastructure. CEVA`s Wi-Fi 6 IP addresses have already been licensed to several semiconductor companies and OEMs for future products. The Wi-Fi Alliance offers two-step certification exams:[7] If the licensee`s trademark application proceeds to registration, the registration itself remains valid as long as (a) the licensee uses the trademark applied for in the normal course of business, (b) the owner of the certification mark does not withdraw consent (which he can do at any time), and (c) the registration of the certification mark with which the mark is considered to be confusing, also remains valid. The owner then becomes the ”custodian” of the certification mark and may prevent its use by persons to whom the owner has not licensed the trademark or who use the mark inaccurately or incorrectly (e.B. by affixing the mark to goods or services that do not meet the owner`s defined standard or that are not provided for in the certification mark agreement. license). Ange Aznar, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless IoT Business Unit at CEVA, said: ”We are proud to once again be the first IP provider in the world to receive Wi-Fi Alliance certification for our latest RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 solution. Wi-Fi 6 will play a huge role in expanding the Internet of Things in the coming years, with its inherent low-power design and high throughput ideal for IoT devices. By guiding our intellectual property through the certification process, it offers our customers a low-risk pathway to integrate Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into their chip designs and we look forward to sharing their success in this emerging area.

Here are some examples of certification marks. TDLS, or Tunneled Direct Link Setup, is ”a seamless way to stream media and other data faster between devices already on the same Wi-Fi network,” based on IEEE 802.11z, and was added to the Wi-Fi Alliance certification program in 2012. .