Modified Duty Agreement Form

A Modified Work Agreement (MWA) is a form used to identify the modified schedule and tasks of an employee who has been injured (with the permission of a physician). The following forms are recommended to help you get your workforce back to work if it is safe. You can use these forms or customize them for your business. Once your modified work policy is complete, you will give the information to your employees. It is important that they have a good understanding of your modified work philosophy and the expectations the company sets for workers when they are injured. If you`re having trouble identifying work changes, call us. We can have a rehabilitation therapist on your site to help you. It is important that your policy reflects the organization`s commitment to its staff by proposing modified work. This can help heal an injured worker and facilitate an early return to work. It will also ensure that you meet your obligations after an injury in the workplace. Identify modified work opportunities in your business before an injury occurs.

This way, you are prepared in case of injury and you can work with your co-worker to plan a safe return to work. Establish a list of possible modified tasks: We take care of your success and the well-being of your employees and we want to help you integrate modified work into your disability safety and management plans: The goal of an MWA is to respect an employee`s medical requirements. However, the violation may prevent the worker from performing certain tasks he or she has performed in the past, which may result in a change of employment. You take care of the safety and well-being of your employees. They work hard to keep them safe at work. But when an injury occurs, do you know what it takes to help them recover and get back to work? Ask a doctor for permission if an MWA can be applied to your condition Once a claim has been found, make sure the injured worker contacts you and the WCB warrant officer or case manager regularly, and participate in the treatment program. It is important that they know their obligations following an injury in the workplace. Active participation and understanding of your collaborator for the process contribute to a successful recovery and a safe return to work. Workplace accidents can stop your company and your employees. If you plan before an injury occurs, you can provide the right support for a safe and timely return to work in the event of an injury.

Make sure the program is flexible so that you can accommodate a wide range of different situations, including work-related and non-work-related injuries. An MWA is required to ensure the safety of staff at work and to avoid further injury.