Notwithstanding Anything To The Contrary In This Agreement Traduction

THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT GOVERNS THE LICENSING, INSTALLATION AND USE OF SPLUNK SOFTWARE. BY DOWNLOADING AND/OR INSTALLING SPLUNK SOFTWARE: (a) you indicate that you have read and understood this agreement and accept, on behalf of the company, the government or another organization for which you are acting (for example. B as an employee or government official) or, if there is no business, government or organization for which you act, to be legally bound to it on behalf of your person; and (b) you ensure and guarantee that you are entitled to act and hire it on behalf of the RESEARCH COMPANY, the government or the other entity (if any). WITHOUT THE FOREGOING, YOU (AND YOUR ENTITY, IF EVER) ACKNOWLEDGE, WHICH IS BOUND BY SUBMITTING AN ORDER FOR THE SPLUNK SOFTWARE, YOU (AND YOUR ENTITY (IF ANY) HAVE BEEN BOUND TO THE AGREEMENT. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOU HAVE IMPOSED THE U.S. FEDERAL 501 (C) (3), TAX-EXEMPT, NONPROFIT CORPORATION OR ASSOCIATION OR A NONPROFIT ENTITY IN ACCORDANCE TO THE LAWS OF YOUR NONPROFIT ENTITY IS REGISTERED (A ”NONPROFIT” YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR VERIFICATION OF YOUR UNPROFITABLE STATUS TO SPLUNK PRIOR TO SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT. As used in this agreement, ”Splunk” refers to Splunk Inc., a Delaware company headquartered at 250 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California 94107, United States; and ”customer” refers to the company, government or any other organization on whose behalf you entered into this agreement, or, if there is no such entity, you as a natural person. The maximum number of nodes or fractional node usage from which data can be obtained for analysis and viewing, as identified in the corresponding command document ”Node”, means a 64-bit Linux operating system or other operating system identified in the documentation that Hadoop TaskTracker or Node Manager performs to execute Splunk commands. ”split knot use,” the larger computing load or the applicable storage of the number of nodes in clusters for a specific application case or business unit, as identified in an order document; ”cluster” refers to a group of nodes managed by a Hadoop JobTracker or Hadoop Resource Manager. Number of user behavior analysis accounts controlled. ”Number of user behavior analytics accounts monitored,” the number of user accounts and systems in Microsoft Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or any similar service used to authenticate users on the network. . P2 – One or more of the main functions of the purchased software are not usable.

EXHIBIT C SPLUNK INC. SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Customer agrees that the following terms and conditions govern the provision of support and/or maintenance services by Splunk (”Support”) in an order placed under the software license agreement (the ”Agreement”).