Nyse Master User Agreement

A market maker is an ETP holder or company that has registered with NYSE American for securities trading. Market makers are required to hold two-sided continuous Q orders in all registered securities. NYSE Pillar Trade Ops Portal – AUTHORIZED ADMINISTRATORS The NYSE American equity platform offers two types of participants: Market Maker/Market Maker Authorized Traders (MMATs) and Electronic Designated Market Makers (eDMMs). Information Memo 12-10 Changes to Authorized Persons NYSE Equities Members provides brokers with the high-tech solutions needed for fast, automated and anonymous executions. Membership services industry experts discover and improve prices, reduce volatility and increase liquidity. Membership provides access to opening and closing auctions for primaries, brand visibility and direct connectivity. Designated market makers (DMMs) are the only market players who bear a real obligation to account for the maintenance of a fair and orderly market: . . Membership is available to registered and new U.S.-based brokers, who receive an Auto-Regulatory Organization (OAR) and have an established relationship with a clearing company. Individual investors are not eligible. . .

. A free web tool for customers who operate via the NYSE Pillar Gateway. Approval of the Committee on Human Rights and Corporate Safety Anonymous.The working letter agreement to be concluded between a member and a compensatory member wishing to establish a new clearing relationship on each stock exchange. . NYSE Pillar Gateway Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Visit THE NYSE Pillar Options Migration website for more information on migration. Currently, retail investors do not have direct access to NYSE American Options. If you are a retail investor, please contact your broker to find out if they are forwarding orders to NYSE American Options. You can access NYSE American Options through a direct access brokerage company. Brokers on nySE Trading Floor combine flexibility, judgment, automation and anonymity with state-of-the-art technology and order management tools. NYSE Pillar is our new integrated trading technology platform that allows member companies to connect to all NYSE equity and options markets with a standard protocol. NYSE Pillar is designed to improve efficiency and reduce complexity for customers, while improving consistency, performance and failure security.

To date, NYSE, NYSE American Equities, NYSE Arca Equities, NYSE Chicago and NYSE National have been migrated to NYSE Pillar Matching Engines, and NYSE Pillar Gateways is available for entry into any market. NYSE Chicago is an ideal location for hedge funds, options market markers, quantitative traders, professional traders and active retailers who demand immediate and automated execution, in addition to the needs of traditional broker clients and the individual investors they represent. . . . A specialist is an assigned ground market maker that offers bilateral listings in the U.S. NYSE options market. Specialists are entitled to a guaranteed participation if they are listed in the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO), subject to the priority of ordering customers.