Pet Clause On Lease Agreement

The pet contract is usually ”added” by an endorsement or modification to an existing lease and is part of the initial legally binding contract between the lessor and the tenant. Hello, my current tenants have been renting from me for 3 years. Our contract has a No Pets clause without prior authorization. I just found out they have two dogs, a cat, a lizard and a turtle at home. My harassment on Facebook has given me even worse news, they have a dog crib and they come up from my house, and they have been doing this job from my house for over two years. We have agents who try to inspect the property regularly, but these tenants have always been difficult when it comes to arranging tours, now we know why! They kept evidence of the case hidden from agents when they visited the property, but their dog boarding shop has its own Facebook page displaying many photos of the inside page of my house filled with many dogs (I counted up to 6 in a photo), the address and fees are also listed on the page! With so many animals in the house was detrimental to the condition of the property! Do you have any recommendations on what I need to do? Some homeowners receive tenants with pets to cover the cost of professionally cleaning the property once they have moved. This can be written into the rental agreement, and here is an example of a clause: But since you have a periodic lease, you can in any case propose a new contract with new T-C (including new clauses for pets) and you can choose whether to approve it or not. We find that they did not respect the verbal agreement to bring our kitten and now sign, pay and live in the one-month apartment that tells us that NO Cats!!! It seems to me that this is a mistake of respect, dignity, discrimination and lies. We see the protection of Landorf, but not to the tenants, because now there is no form to negotiate or talk with the propietary agency Letting denies . But I have a tenant who will leave in the spring. I received a complaint about the tenant dog, which is a very large breed and it comes to the conclusion that it is in everyone`s interest that the dog goes.

I wrote to the tenant and they refuse to remove or leave the dog.