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Now, it must constantly compare the results of the print with the respective scale part, because only an agreement finally allows the desired end result for each color. Finally, an agreement was reached between the geological authorities to call it Turmaline-type paraba. In fact, it should be possible to quickly agree on the parameters of such an initiative within the Quartet: one might assume that the parties to the conflict would be more likely to reach an agreement if they knew that they had so much time. If, from a medical point of view and in accordance with the rules of the country, the doctor can give the patient a prescription for the surrogate drug, which covers the amount needed for the duration of the trip – but no more than 30 days per year. At the end of the event, all participants in the roundtable agreed that solutions should be tailored to each specific context. These three key elements will be put into service through the use of three key documents: the information file, the application form/learning agreement and the transcription of the recordings. The ECTS system is based on three key elements: information (on curricula and student credits), mutual agreement (between partner institutions and the student) and the use of ECTS points (to indicate student workload). When comparing the assessment recommendation with that of the physician, a high consensus was reached. Mercedes-Benz agrees with other automakers within the Consumer Electronics for Automotive association to the global standard, since Buna rubber production was primarily intended for military use, there is a consensus that, in addition to economic reasons – availability of labour and raw materials, suitable yards, access routes, profitability – political and military considerations also played a role. As a result, it has not yet been possible to reach agreement on a common methodological framework for measuring, monitoring and reporting the energy consumption of data centres and telecommunications networks.

2006-07-24 – The Council has reached a political agreement on the PC7 [PDF] and will decide its common position. The existence of a military solution is not possible at present and appropriate diplomatic and economic measures must be taken. This means that at a time when those involved in wars are still alive, it is highly unlikely that they will reach an agreement. In this context, there is a broad consensus that 21st century Europe will lose its importance from the idea of a nation-state, while the concept of integration should become more important through the recognition of diversity. There was broad consensus on the importance of involving the local private sector in developing countries to contribute to the fight against poverty. The Council and the Commission agree on a code of conduct for public access to official documents. There is a general consensus that the history of Danish whistle-making begins with a Swede: at the European Council on 27-28 June, EU heads of state and government set a goal of reaching agreement on this mechanism by the end of 2013, so that it can be adopted before the current mandate of the European Parliament expires in 2014. Deutsche Telekom agrees on the offer of wholesale VDSL with 1 -1 and Vodafone. On water resources, the international community agreed at the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio 10) on the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) model and on the steps to be taken to implement them. To avoid a race for competition between countries, to offer increasingly lax regulation and to prevent financial crises from spreading across borders, the nations of the world must agree on minimum standards and a global financial institution to monitor compliance.