Nhs Novation Agreement

Bravo Solutions is an e-procurement system that has been adopted to manage the innovation process configured for the distribution and receipt of the Novation and Variations agreements. The sales team has been registering suppliers since December 2018 to allow suppliers access to the system. If your organization has not submitted a signed agreement and wishes to remain available in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, please contact AuthorityContracts@dhsc.gov.uk If you are a supplier that has not registered, it is important that you do so by visiting the Bravo Solutions website. The Novation team was busy registering all NHS Framework suppliers for current administrative contracts. Supplier registration is required on ”Bravo Solutions” for novation and subsequent variation agreements to be issued. Of the 1,530 suppliers contacted, 1,300 successfully entered into their contracts, allowing them to continue to operate under 5,300 NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreements. Thank you to all the suppliers of products and services who have made their Novation agreement signed. The deadline for applications has now passed and this exercise is now complete. Supplier registration for novation and variations agreements. The deadline for the return of the signed novation and variation agreement is 31 May 2019. Suppliers who do not return the Novation agreement then remain on a ”sleeping framework,” which means they are able to fill existing orders, but would not be able to search for new stores through the NHS Supply Chain.